Toy Machine Fists 7.75'' Complete kuviotu

Toy Machine Fists 7.75'' Complete kuviotu
Brand: Toy Machine
Color: assorted
69.95 EUR 124.95 EUR

Toy Machine Fists 7.75" complete boardIf you are looking for a high quality complete board to learn your first tricks, or an all-rounder at a good price, the Toy Machine Fists 7.75’’ Complete is the one for you. Riding style The Toy Machine skateboard is suitable for any terrain, whether street, park or ramp. Shape The shape of the deck is classic: the nose is slightly longer than the tail and the concave provides a secure stance. Setup The trucks and wheels are perfectly suited to the deck. The wheels are ideal for the smooth concrete surface in the skate park or for skating in the street. The trucks are very stable and offer very good steering characteristics. The deck comes in a proven 7-ply maple wood construction. FeaturesComplete board from Toy MachineFully assembledRuckus 5" trucks / 127 mm hanger width / 194 mm axle widthToy Machine 52 mm 100A wheelsABEC 3 Pig bearings7/8" cross mounting setGriptape